I finished the trailer for the short-film I am working on with my two partners . This short/film illustrates the noticeable loss of prime values we experiment while we grow older. These elements could be such as creativity, innocence, simplicity… 

Just taking a look at the synopsis you can make yourself an idea what it will be about:

“A man stuck in his ways starts living strange apparitions. This will lead him to find out the answer throughout a complex search where childhood and memory will play key roles.”

We try not to be explicit, not to put a sensible narrative, however we try to tell through visual an artistic poetry that ideas I mentioned before. Even you could find some philosophic references! But I don’t want to spoil who will be the author referenced in this short.

For the technical aspects this short/film has been carefully thought to be visually attractive now that the narrative is quite close to the abstraction. We played with the illumination and the depth of field a lot, we wanted eye/catching and pleasant shots. Furthermore I am currently working hard on some important scenes that will feature VFX stuff. So it will be quite balanced.

We work nice as a team. If you like the trailer I would be so pleased if you hit like in our Facebook page , that way you help us and you keep updated for the final release. Thanks for reading and watching guys!